October 17, 1998 - Present

A Daily Drawing Practice

Documented on the website www.iclock.com

My "Divination Drawings" are a years-long practice of daily hand drawings which I use to meditate, but also as source material for larger works. Drawings from the Divination series begin intuitively; a pencil is guided by the unconscious thoughts and emotions of that day. The drawings are shared daily through my website www.iclock.com. When an image persists in these drawings, I translate it into something larger and more dimensional, fabricating it in diverse media such as: software, computers, paint, pencil, wood, HDU, formica, and linoleum often using computer controlled fabrication tools like a laser cutter and CNC router.

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Heat from the Core Raises Mountains and Opens Oceans produced as a limited edition by Fawbush Editions from iClock daily drawing January 2, 2010