Window, 2001

Software, Macintosh G3 PowerBook, and acrylic

19 x 16 x 3 inches

Runs Continuously, Never Repeats

Edition of 8

Inspired in part by the logo for Hitchcock's Vertigo, Window is the first software wall object where I extend the composition from the screen to its acrylic frame. Lines etched in a green edged glass-like acrylic refer back to the simple rules of the software: The top image starts with a solid color rectangle. The program then picks 4 new points, one for each side of the rectangle. The rectangle is then rotated until its corners are at the 4 new points. When the rectangle moves, it reveals a new color. Earlier artists, such as Sol LeWitt, created rule based works for manual implementation. In Window, the computer implements my instructions and is able to iterate through endless combinations, re-executing the rules continuously.


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