Tree, 2007

Software, LCD Screen, Formica, Mirrored Acrylic Plastic, Lacquered Wood

48 x 48 x 13.25 inches

Runs Continuously, Never Repeats


An imposing solid figure on the wall, Tree appears rooted in John Simon's ideas about art and information. The twirling vibrant interlocked Formica branches on the surface of the piece are a study in color contrast while something seems to be moving inside. The prominent wings of Tree shade two windows through which we seen an endlessly unfolding array of symmetrical branches from which occasionally a flower blooms.

Because of the complex internal structure involves two sets of mirrors, the viewer is never able to actually see the face of the internal LCD screen but only glimpse it partially in reflection. The images are generated as they are seen by custom software that insures no image will be repeated for billions of years. In the world of Tree (like our own world) our access to information is limited in both space and time.


Outside In: Ten Years of Software Art, Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy


Winds Across the Inner Sea, Gering & López Gallery, New York, NY