Every Icon, 1996

Software: Web Based and Wall Hanging (Macintosh PowerBook170 and G3 versions with Plastic Acrylic)

14.5 x 10.5 x 3.5 inches

Runs Continuously, Never Repeats

Unlimited Numbered Edition

Every Icon is a piece of conceptual art realized in software that has been presented as an online installation, a Palm Pilot application, a wall projection, and a self-contained wall hanging object. The piece consists of a 32 x 32 square grid where every square can be colored black or white. Every Icon starts with an image where every square is white and progresses through combinations of black and white squares until every square is black. The piece will show every possible image. Although it takes only 1.36 years to display all of the variations along the first line, it takes an exponentially longer 5.85 billion years to complete the second line. Even in this limited visual space, there are more images than the human mind can experience in many lifetimes. In this way the piece comments on the promise of technology and the artist.

Artist Statement - Published in Parachute Magazine

See Every Icon Running as a Java Applet

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