Fountain, 2002

Software, Macintosh G4 -- Screen and Projection Versions

Runs Continuously, Never Repeats

Edition of 3

Fountain is a metaphor for the creative process. This ever changing, never repeating software artwork is presented on two monitors showing a churning vortex of color shapes from two distinct points of view. On the left hand monitor we hover far above the ground, looking directly down onto a symmetric pattern created from the vortex churning somewhere below. The right hand monitor displays the scene from the side to reveal the mechanics of the process. The shapes that emanate from the central vortex symbolize creative thoughts arising from the human mind. Endlessly varied patterns form, exist for a short time, and dissolve back into the vortex. The piece as a whole recognizes impermanence as a primary property of creativity.


DATAStream, Moss Arts Center, VA


Art Under Glass, Macy's Herald Square, New York, NY


All Digital, Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH